Last Night in Paris

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Just like my last trip, I had planned out entries, hand-written and drawn for them, scanned them in, only to realize that they were written in pencil and thus wouldn’t show up on my computer. And in the frenzy of getting ready to leave, I simply didn’t have time to redo them prior to leaving. So now, I sit in the hotel room on our last night in Paris, having given you no tantalizing peek into planned activities, in fact you are probably wondering if the plane went down or something.

The original itinerary was busy, and as in London, the itinerary each day was even busier than planned. I saw more new things than I can even count, heard more French that I could possibly have imagined, and was treated even worse than I was anxious about. I can say this: Paris is pretty cool, but Parisians are not my favorite bunch of folks. I have met nice Parisians, and I don’t always think it was simply because I was an American that I got treated poorly. Parisians just have a different standard of acceptable one-to-one interaction, and the only way I can use the word hospitable is in quotations as a joke. From getting physically moved, shoved and pushed to being completely ignored to not being permitted to stay in a restaurant, I was endlessly amazed by the ways I was treated. I may some day come back to Paris, but I almost fear that day of being treated so poorly again.

But that’s an aside that I could spend many an entry on. The key things about Paris were great: Our hotel (Novotel Tour Eiffel) has been wonderful. The Metro/transit system is by far superior to any I’ve ever encountered (including the Underground). The sights are breathtaking. The food (when you can actually enjoy it) is truly delectable. And we got a good deal on the whole thing, so to be fair, it’s probably a break even.

This entry was meant to be more of a “hey, I’m still alive” than any real catching up. I could list briefly all the things I’ve done in Paris, but I think I’d do better to spread that out over a few entries, only because six jours en Paris is quite a lot, and we did quite a lot. Expect more soon, then.


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