Fit to Burst

I would try and make some silly excuse for why I haven’t written in the last few days. Or why I’m so tempted to skive off tonight. But really, there are no excuses to be made. Everything I’ve been up to has been riotously amazing and fuel for my writing brain and worth every euro and minute and spilled drink and stressed out moment. After all, it’s a great concept to travel with a bunch of your closest friends, but the execution, like life, is always likely to be a bit bumpier than planned.

I spent the weekend in Lisbon, capitalizing on the energy and connections I’ve made with some of the people in my program. In particular, I had the pleasure to spend a few days reconnecting with a good friend, and a few hours talking and learning and just being happy with that person. It’s nice to get through the other side of a ring of fire, even when you’re the one who thought the flames were tantalizing in the first place.

I also happen to be drowning in a whole load of schoolwork. I have quite possibly the worst 10 days of any academic program I’ve been in, directly in front of me (well, today was Day 1, so that’s something to be thankful about). That says something, as you know how much schoolin’ I’ve had. But, I have a very full planner and lists coming out of my ears, and the dedication to see it through. Luckily, my mental health continues to be good, so I feel capable of handling it.

I continue to balance in a social life, adopting a strangely Yes Man attitude to everything. Tonight? Went and saw Hitchcock with a friend. Tomorrow’s Tequila Tuesday Lite. Wednesday is a friend’s birthday. Thursday is a happy hour with my classmates. I’m spending this upcoming weekend in Barcelona. And yes, I have so much work to do, but I also have the knowledge that I simply have to have fun right now. It’s not all about work. Work is the first thing I can let slip. I’ll still pass my classes, even without all As. Even if I don’t make the Dean’s List.

Basically, life is full. It’s stressful and joyous in unequal parts, thankfully favoring the latter. I am surrounded, both near and far, by talented people and friends so good for me that it kind of takes my breath away. But enough with the sappy stuff. Back to the normal broadcast tomorrow.


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