Six Down, Six to Go

Oh hey there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Me? I’m just enjoying a beer on this Wednesday night, tuckered out from classes and work and seeing a crappy movie tonight with a new friend (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 3D, as though 3D can somehow make it better…).

That’s not a good enough description of how things have been? Well it was rather parsimonious, wasn’t it? I mean, everything I said I’ve been doing that quickly is exactly what I’ve been doing en masse for the last four weeks that maybe kind of gives me a justification for not writing.

After all, I’ve had major assignments11 assignments due in the last four weeks, so that’s what? Three to four a week? That includes two presentations and a final exam. I’ve spent roughly 30 hours in group meetings, in addition to my own individual work. I’m not sure how many classes I’ve sat, but I can tell you I haven’t missed any.

Never fear though, I’ve also been filling my days with extracurriculars. I’ve been to three Yelp events and two Happy Hours. I’ve watched 10 movies, eight of which were in theaters. I’ve had meals with four friends I don’t normally spend time with, in addition to many, many meals with my favorite regulars.

Basically, it’s been a hectic month. I’ve been enjoying my life a lot more, maybe because I’m so busy. But I’ve also gotten my head on a bit straighter about lots of the things that I let get to me earlier in the year. I’ve started to try and form my own opinions about how things in my life are—maybe not any necessarily more based in the actual reality of my life, but at least with additional clarity that I, like all humans, have my biases to work on.

It’s wild to me that I’ve crossed my six-month mark in London. I haven’t seen my family in person for six months, which I think might be the longest it’s been. I haven’t been in the U.S. for six months, and I have these silly cravings for things like Butterfinger bars and candy corn and amazing street food and the sunshine in downtown Indianapolis as I walked from the bus to my old gym. I especially have that last one as I walk to my new gym in London with grey skies and consistently 40F temperatures.

It’s been an amazing six months. As with all huge leaps (planned or unplanned), I’m definitely different. Maybe that’s only in my head, but that’s the only place I can be, so I guess I’ll keep on.


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