Luck of the Irish, this week.

Greetings from the Emerald Isle!

I report live from the couch at my rented flat on Bachelor’s Walk in Dublin, Ireland. Now, it being St. Patrick’s Day, you’d think I’d be out, taking part in the festivities, maybe breaking a few bottles or throwing a few punches, but the reality is that I’ve glued my derriere to the couch with a bit of my “Chill Shiz” playlist running, because while it’s really cool I’m in Ireland right now, I’m also on holiday and I totally need rest after this last ten weeks.

Maybe people missed it, but everything fell by the wayside, my mental health not included. Winter is always hard for me, but January was a particularly dark period as I struggled to recover from a not-entirely restful break (hello, Influenza in Italy!) and get my head in the mindset of assignments due every other day. But, after a struggle, I was able to get some steady footing and make it through. I won’t say it was without struggle—that would be a bold-faced lie. I had several times of overloaded stress, and thankfully I have amazing people in my life to help me through.

Now though, it’s about complete relaxation. I know there’s things to see and adventures to have, but I also know that I love my life a lot more when I listen to what my mind and body need, rather than push-push-pushing.

Speaking of said adventures, this week, though currently calm, promises a lot. Tomorrow friends and I head up through Belfast (last country in the UK, woot woot!!) to the Giant’s Causeway. Tuesday we’re spending all day in Dublin, doing the sightseeing, hitting the Jameson and Guinness factories, you know, typical touristy Irish stuff. Wednesday through Friday, we’re out on the road—we’re renting a car and driving down to the southern coast. We’ll stay in Kinsale before heading west to Dingle and seeing lots of sights along the way. We’re back in Dublin for Friday night (though probably staying near the airport as we have an early flight back on Saturday). There’s so much to see—I love the idea of seeing so much of the country in a week.

But that’s it for now. I haven’t been the best at writing this week, and can’t promise how the rest of the week will go, but it’s nice to take a little bit of alone time to enjoy and reflect on my holidays. That’s always what I love best about holidays—looking back on them fondly.


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