Something’s Gotta Give

The deadline to find a job, i.e. graduation, ticks ever closer (seventeen weeks, not that anyone is counting). It’s strange that in taking a year off, I realized and relished in the ideas of leaving my old jobs and finding new ones but never actually thought about how excruciating the process of finding a job really is. I just spent well over an hour on the phone with a friend, mostly distracted but occasionally lamenting the fact that writing CVs is the most dreadful process known to job-searchers (though it’s a close race with interviews, negotiations, first days of work, and basically everything else about the process) and the great mysteries of job-hunting (including “when is the right time to apply?”, “do I sound too desperate?”, and “what the fuck is a skills resume?”).

Basically, you can expect a lot of deliberation over the next few months. Hopefully it will be deliberation of the oh man, I got six job offers for the top six companies in the world, what a rough life I have!, but more likely it will be, it’s June and no interviews… it’s July and no interviews… it’s August and no interviews…. oh hey, Mom and Dad, remember that bedroom we set up for me downstairs last summer?

I’ll try and keep it minimal, if only because I don’t want to get Dooced, and I know that hearing about the tedious and boring drama of drafting, submitting, agonizing, rejoicing, worrying and maybe someday loving a new job can only fill so many blog posts. In fact, I wouldn’t be mentioning it at all, if not for my focus on it tonight. It seems like every time I write a CV, I leave it for two months, dig it out and hate it again, scrap the whole thing, and start over. Funnily enough though, I never update my CV on here. Another thing to stress about! Yay!

Why did I leave the steady paychecks again? Oh right, the call of freedom, mobility, change, and hopefully someday a business card with the word “Google” on it. Dreams are so nice sometimes.


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