40,000 Feet, Keep Flying

Today I:

Found a bag of peanut M&Ms in the pocket of my rain coat, and I can’t even remember the last time I put the coat on, so it’s kind of a wonderful mystery surprise.

Broke out in hives all over my forehead. Maybe it’s stress related, or I wash my face too vigorously, or I’m allergic to life.

Had a great conversation with a friend via text message, which was a solid hour of texting… hello, Carpal Tunnel!

Was in class, meetings, class, meetings, etc. etc. for 11 hours straight. Can anyone say burnout?

Took a break from riding my bike to school, because it was rainy again, and my ass is still sore from my new bicycle seat and the bumpy London roads.

Rode the emotional roller coaster another day. I’m a lifetime member to this “amusement” park, I think.

Rediscovered how amazing Foster the People’s Torches album is. Top 10 of all time, for sure.

Realized I just didn’t have anything worth writing an entry about.


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