And We’re Back!

Oh my gosh, just write. Just put black on white and press Publish. Just get back in the habit, even if it’s complete crap.

This hasn’t really been my thought in the last several weeks, though I wish it had. I’ve been so busy—when isn’t life busy?—that I hardly even noticed that it’s been well over a month since I really committed to writing regularly. I don’t know how to make time in my life, but just like I’m starting to take language lessons and trying to get back on a schedule, it’s just something I have to do. This is something I love, and I’m denying myself, like I haven’t ridden my bike all week because it’s been cold and when I got on today, the wind was the best feeling I’ve had in a long time.

It’s been busy though, so I have plenty to catch up on. I never wrote about my birthday. I never reviewed April. I never spent the minutes writing useless stuff that basically no one reads but that I write because it’s me. I also didn’t talk at all about my trip to China last week, or my trip to Barcelona so many weeks ago. Basically, life has been happening, and I have missed writing about it. By missed, I mean both that I failed to, and that I feel an emotional loss from having not done so.

There’s also plenty coming up to talk about… the adjustment to a new term, my internship and action project (though a pesky Non-Disclosure Agreement makes this feel an awful lot like my previous work where I can’t mention a darn thing), the job search I’m about to embark on with alarming speed.

Time to readjust my priorities again, because it feels good to be back.


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