On Turning/Being 26

Normally I don’t write this entry a month late. Normally I write it on my birthday, taking the time to go back through previous years, evaluating how far I’ve come since I started writing on the internet, or at least this portion of data of the blogs I’ve had over the years (I lost a lot of early data, I think… it may be preserved in some data format somewhere. Maybe my new, magic Mac can find it. Oh wait, I found it… this computer is awesome! Guess I have, er, a LOT of uploading to do. Anyway.).

From last year, it looked like this:

In 2005 (turning 18), I spent my birthday visiting colleges, and you can see that as soon as I wrote, I had decided to go to Grinnell.

In 2006 (turning 19), I was busy being a drama queen, but given that it was freshman year, that shouldn’t really be surprising to you.

In 2007 (turning 20), wait for it, more drama!. I wish I had a good system for recognizing red flags…

In 2008 (turning 21), I was getting philosophical and shit. No really. I also did not get drunk for my birthday. WHO DOES THAT?

In 2009 (turning 22), I was a hooligan out getting into trouble for, I think three days straight.

In 2010 (turning 23), I had dinner and drinks at my two favorite places it town, with a surprisingly large group of friends and having an Awesome time.

In 2011 (turning 24), I celebrated for a week, by going out with friends, eating dinner with a group at my favorite ethnic restaurant, and cuddling up at my favorite cocktail bar.

When I turned 25, I had a spent a week of dinners and celebrations with different friends around Indy, and was already beginning to accept the fact that I was leaving for London.

Now, I’m 26. I’m in London, and have been for the last nine months. I graduate in three months, and need to find a job. I spent my birthday in meetings, mostly, followed by a nice dinner of Thai food with friends. I went out for drinks with a couple other friends, and, for the sake of future posterity, ended up having some good company overnight. Lesbi-honest, I hardly remember yesterday, so how am I supposed to remember this birthday next year?

In the month since my birthday, I’ve felt like an entire whirlwind has happened. My social life exploded as the module ended, and the course/workload eased up. I’ve started my Action Project, which is the capstone project of my MBA, and have snagged an internship working at a new women’s magazine here in London. The latter has my excitement truly piqued, as it’s combining Marketing and Publishing, which is one of my ‘dream’ areas to work. I’m hoping it goes well, to say the least.

“Being 26” (like it’s somehow significantly different than being 25…) is good so far. I feel older, and I certainly feel like my body knows its older. I’ve been working out, but not feeling as well, and it almost feels chronic. We’ll see if it improves when/if the sunshine ever returns to London. Overall though, I had a great birthday, and I’ve had a good start to being 26. It’s a nice age, as far as I can tell. I think I’ll stay this way, at least for a couple more months.


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