Nose to the…

I have a funny idea—how about I do my April- and May-in-Review entries together in June? It’s not actually the first time that’s happened, as evidenced by the year 2010, when I did the same thing with April and May. I guess I just get caught up in stuff, you know?

Life lately has been an increasingly packed handbag, filled with things I need, things I like, but that I’m carrying around despite the hunch and limp I’m developing. It includes my women’s magazine marketing internship, and my Hult customer insight internship. It includes the Google AdWords campaign I’m running for a bakery just around the corner from school. It also includes the six week innovation campaign I’m required to do for school, and the two classes (Digital Marketing & Social Media, and Behavioral Finance) that I’ve signed up for. I’m still in the Hult Student Association, and am editor-in-chief for the London campus yearbook. I’m still traveling a bit here and there, and making a fair shot at that funny thing called a social life. Occasionally, I even work out, just to keep myself sane despite the fact that the weather refuses to improve and I saw the sun for the first time today in well over a week.

But despite it all, I think it’s for the best, because I guess I’m realizing that downtime breeds anxiety for me. That when I’m not busy, putting my brain to work on projects I find meaningful, it’s looking for meaning when I haven’t given it anything to examine. It’s maybe too much, just a little bit, but just like in Indy, I realize that all of this work, with limited play is for a reason. I’m here to advance my career, and I had a great nine months partying while I did that. Now’s the Do The Internships, Impress The Bosses, Get the Job time. Hopefully by August that will be done and I can enjoy my last few weeks knowing the future is a bit more sorted.

It’s grindstone time, which is when I’m most efficient. When there’s little space to wiggle, I wiggle less. Looking forward to a break soon though.


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