Having My Eyes On

IMG_7232I mentioned it last time, but I’m taking a Digital Marketing and Social Media class this term, as one of my electives. It has turned out to be the most stimulating class I’ve taken, not because it’s necessarily academically challenging (let me be clear, it is moderately so, but not the way some classes have been). I think that the class is stimulating to me because from the first day, I realized that there are two kinds of marketing: strategic marketing, and creative marketing. Strategic marketing is definitely my stronger area, but I’ve always been drawn to various art forms that I’ve never given my self totally to in favor of other activities.

I did ballet as a small child, before getting the chicken pox and missing the final recital. I guess I must have never gone back, because it wasn’t until college that I took dance again, this time for two semesters of Beginning Ballet. It was certainly not my strongest suit since I am definitely more of a water creature than a land creature, but interesting nonetheless. Every few days though, I’ll think about it and how much I’d love to go back and keep learning, despite my obvious lake of grace.

Photography was something I was drawn to from a young age, probably nine or ten, but didn’t take my first course until high school. After that, it took until after I graduated my masters’ degree to get me back to a class, where I spent time mostly in the dark room. IMG_7233Now, though, photography is a daily habit, and I consider it a tough day if I don’t take three or four shots I really like.

Painting wasn’t ever anything I realized I loved until about 2010, when I was living alone. I would sit and have the TV on while I painted. Random shapes and colors, and certainly nothing to write home about, but still something that I found peaceful.

Acting was always something I dreamed of, and I took classes in high school because I think I really meant to get into it. Of course, it took just one time for the true nature of “show biz,” that is to say, an incredibly political, back-stabbing industry, to turn me off of it for about ten years. I got back into it in the Autumn of 2011, but ended up having to give up my part in favor of being on crew because of my work schedule. It’s still a closeted dream.

Writing, of course, has always been my one true love, since it is technically an art. I have a hard time admitting that it’s an art to me though, since I use it in a very left-brained, neurotic kind of way. It’s still my longest running habit, and I’ve always come back, even if I need a few weeks off here and there…

IMG_7317It’s obvious to me then, that I enjoy art. I’ve dabbled in a lot of it, like I’ve dabbled in a lot of things, and keep finding pleasure in the things I try. So it makes sense then, that a digital marketing class, despite an obvious predilection I have toward strategy, being so analytical, I would hugely enjoy the creative side. I find it takes me a while to get going, and maybe my products aren’t as great as other people’s because I don’t have professional training or photoshop experience or even what I consider to be a really, truly creative mind (like my friend Jeff does)… but I am eager to learn. I like the idea of getting hit by a lightning bolt or sitting in the room when the muse finds me, and suddenly being drawn into a digital photo editor for three hours creating mock-ups.

Art, for me, is something I get a bit lost in. That doesn’t happen much to me, which is why I think I keep going back.


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