April- and May-in-Review

Entries from the last two months can be found on the April 2013 and May 2013 pages.
Photos this month come from Barcelona and Shanghai, my two travel destinations.

IMG_64201. What did you do this month that you’d never done before?
April: Turned 26! Went to Barcelona. Had an outrageous amount of anxiety.
May: Finished Six Feet Under and bawled my eyes out as the best show ever on television was ending. Went to China! Started my Action Project. Got an internship doing marketing at a magazine.

2. How are the resolutions coming along?
They’re coming. I think I’m really starting to see what I enjoy doing, and get a better idea of how that can be a professional career path. Good, as I need to start applying for jobs soon! I’m still working on some psychological baggage, but that’s nothing new. I do need to write more and read more, though. Those skills are getting rusty.

3. How did last month’s resolution go?
April’s resolution was to get all of my projects “off the launch pad.” I actually did this, mostly. Several projects got passed to other people or tabled for a few months. I did start AdWords, get my internship with Careers moving, and have a big meeting for the Yearbook. The reality is that it’s been a pretty darn productive couple months.

IMG_64844. What is a new resolution for this month?
April: N/A
May: Run >2.0 miles a day at least three times a week.

5. Who is one person worth recognizing this month?
April: My friend Steph, for being a calming, anxiolytic presence.
May: My friend Jordan, who put me up in China. She was a great host!

6. What would you like to have next month that you lacked this month?
April: N/A
May: Peace of Mind.

7. What date from this month will remain etched in your memory and why?
April: April 23, 2013: My birthday!
May: May 10, 2013: The day I fell in love with China.

8. What was your biggest achievement this month?
April: Turning 26. I mean, I guess I didn’t do a whole lot, but it’s still an achievement!
May: Surviving China! And loving it!
9. And your biggest failure?
I’m no longer answering this question each month. I’m perfectly capable of identifying my failures, too good in fact, and if I say below what I learned, that’s enough for me!

10. What did you get really, really excited about this month?
April: Sailing.
May: China, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

11. What song will always remind you of this month?
April: “Feel Again” by OneRepublic
May: “Someday” by Cary Brothers
The mirror tells a history I never won
But you don’t mind, and all the weight is lifted with an understanding
You drop defenses.

IMG_688412. What was the best book your read this month?
April: “Rant” by Chuck Palahniuk
May: Who has time for books? :( Oh wait, I’m reading “eMarketing eXcellence” for class…

13. What was your favorite film this month?
April: “Die Hard” (for the first time, so it totally counts!)
May: Ooh a tough one, as I caught up on a lot of the Academy Award nominees on the way to China… Okay, two: “Lincoln” and “Star Trek Into Darkness”

14. What is a valuable life lesson from this month?
April: Missing out on something is entirely a matter of perspective.
May: The world is so big, and there’s so much to see, and I never want to stop looking.

15. What’s next month’s horoscope?


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