4 Stars

In a slight divergence, I’m doing something a little weird this month. I’m going to be “yelp” reviewing each day… Just a little exercise a friend suggested to help me get some positive perspective. I will probably have lots of entries, but what’s wrong with that?

Monday, June 3 – ★★★★☆

Today was a Meetings Monday, but unfortunately it was also a Push Back Every Meeting kind of Monday. I ended up getting up early, and being pretty productive until my meetings started, but had a lot of frustration on the way. I keep thinking about all of those “be kind” quotes, like this one I love:

Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen. — Conan O’Brien

Working at it, but sometimes it’s hard… especially when I’m breaking an old habit of just being feisty and bitchy and stressed out.

The afternoon was pretty good—had some creative time with my Digital Marketing team, which always gives me confidence in myself. I get the strategy, but I like when I get the creative too. Definitely need balance there.

I went to my first session of therapy, which was expectedly weird, like a strange first date. I’m going twice a week, at a really good price, and am going to do the full-throttle “lay on the couch and tell me your feelings” bit. It was scary too though, because it really digs into some things, and all of my nonchalance was just a bit of a show. It’s impossible to do therapy in any meaningful way and have it be easy—that’s not why I go to therapy voluntarily, you know?

Kicked it at Starbucks and read commencement speeches. I hope my classmates give me the opportunity to speak to them at our graduation, but the I Hate Myself part of me says I’m not worth it. Ignoring that voice.

Went for a two-hour German lesson to which the teacher didn’t show… So I did a bit of Rosetta Stone with the ladies there, then came home and did more. Feels good to actually do it, since I’ve been talking about doing it in the entire month of May and… obviously didn’t. Commitment I’ve got, Follow Through needs work.

Finally, ended by socializing with my roommates and my new pseudo-roomie, and doing some readings for class. Feeling calm, collected, a bit concerned about, I dunno, LIFE, and that’s nothing new anyway.

Things I did well:
– remembering I want to be kind, even if I didn’t manage it yet
– organization; that’s my jam, bro
– quickly adapting to new information, losing my anger and frustration rapidly when appropriate

Things I need to work on:
– getting frustrated, venting, swearing… got the crying under control pretty well, now for the anger
– procrastination-nation… it’s nice to take time off with the roomies though
– snapping at one of the staff at school… be kind, be kind, be kind


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