Three Stars

Tuesday, June 4 – ★★★☆☆

Today ended on a good note, but let’s not get out of order, shall we?

It started early, and running late, as I had meetings starting at 8:30. Unfortunately, the internet on my phone decided to go out, so I spent a bunch of time arguing with my phone and was late… Fortunately, it was everyone’s internet that went out, so it ended up being an inconvenience for everyone. My morning was alright, moderately productive, but I started the afternoon on a distinctly sour note.

I had a meeting of a mostly private nature that A) wasn’t a meeting I should have been put in the position to have anyway, and B) ended up being quite uncomfortable. I didn’t keep my cool as well as I’d hoped, and while the meeting ended on a more-or-less positive note, it still left a sour taste in my mouth and a desire for a big hug. I went into my afternoon meetings and was productive with my team, and had a good first class of Behavioral Finance, though it sounds like I missed an excellent lecture of Digital Marketing and Social Media for it. I did a bit more work than headed off for dinner with friends (website forthcoming, but it was Tequila Tuesday #35!).

Then, I came here and wrote. It could have been a lot better day, though there were certainly points both good and bad. Mostly I was just tired: tired of working so hard, tired of having so many expectations on me—including my own—, and tired of being tired.

Things I did well:
– faced the meeting I didn’t want to go to, and being okay that I had to deal with it on my own
– sat on the train home and listened to the Kick Ass soundtrack and remembered I am way stronger than all this pressure and stress right now
– just thought to myself, “yep, today was tough, but tomorrow’s another day”

Things I need to work on:
– keeping my cool when things get confrontational or defensive
– positive attitude, not making everyone around me miserable just because I am
– socializing, even when I don’t want to


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