Four Stars

Wednesday, June 5, 2013: ★★★★☆

I imagine I looked comical today, walking into therapy and holding my Starbucks cup like a crutch keeping me on my feet. All of 26, with a case of “mid”-life crisis like I’ve been working 30 years and only just realized that I’m not happy with my life. I guess the good thing is that I’m half the age I might have been when feeling this way. I have plenty of time to be happy with my life, once I get the pre-“mid”-life crisis stuff worked out.

Overall, today was a good day in therapy.

Overall, overall, today was a good day. 4.5 stars, but I want to save those 5 stars for the best days.

I had a great presentation after a rocky morning with my team (yes, that was us you heard on the 4th floor between 10 and 11am… sorry, just team dynamics stuff). I had a little nap, I felt productive, and had a pretty good class of Behavioral Finance. I ran myself ragged yet another day, but there’s nothing new in that. I came home and talked to my roommate and felt understood and accepted, and not just by everyone else.

Things I did well:
– selling my part of the presentation, fucking nailed it
– flexibility and openness in therapy
– positive attitude despite a rocky team dynamic… and by positive I mean cynical but at least not negative

Things I need to work on:
– yammering on about my action project with other people: just let it go and talk about something fun!
– losing my temper with my teammate: must control tone of voice and expression style
– too much caffeine: soda + coffee = jitters


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