Four Stars

Thursday, June 6, 2013: ★★★★☆

Summer means craft beer. It means patios and bottles and sunshine and getting drunk on two or three beers that leave your taste buds a bit fried from the flavor. Ideally, it includes tasting from small glasses, wearing shorts and sunglasses, and discussing the finer points of hops, IBUs, and the merits of Pale Ales.

Apparently, not only in weather does London lack the Summer spirit.

Okay, I stand corrected. Everyone in London is gloriously happy for five days of beautiful sunshine and increasing temperatures. To be fair, most people consider what we’ve been having lately to be summer-type weather. But they still don’t get the beer thing.

Things are changing though, as I had the pleasure of three great craft beers today: two brewed in London and one in my first state of Maryland. It was really lovely, but I was surrounded by perfectly reasonable humans drinking Heineken and Peroni because it’s cheaper and comes in larger sizes.

However, that’s mostly the worst thing that happened today. I had good meetings and appointments around town. I felt accomplished, both socially and scholastically. I enjoyed the while it was out. I ate a Butterfinger bar. You know, some days there’s just not much to complain about.

Things I did well today:
– socializing
– organization and delegation
– spontaneity

Things I need to work on:
– overanalyzing people… sometimes people just don’t make sense and I need to brush it off.
– eating healthily… a smoothie and a milk protein shake do not constitute a day’s worth of consumption
– not getting everything done… okay I get that there are only so many hours in a day, but there are things getting neglected that really can’t afford to be.


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