4 Stars

Tuesday, June 11 — ★★★★☆

It’s funny how the end of the day often informs the review I sit down to write. In psychology, that’s the latency effect—things that occur last have more salience in the way we view the whole grouping of items or events. (The other effect, that of first impressions, is the primacy effect, in case you were undyingly curious.)

Today ended over a pint with two classmates who’ve rotated to London from Shanghai. It’s nice to break out of the bubble a bit, as I realize that there’s plenty of cool people I haven’t spent time with. The problem of course, is that there simply isn’t enough time in this life to spend with all of the amazing people I’ve met and will meet. That’s simply the reality of this reality.

It’s interesting though, because I definitely feel quite separated from my closest friends here. Not in an emotional or physical sense, as I see them quite a lot, but there’s a shift occurring. We’re all so busy with our Action Projects and classes and job hunting and just keeping everything moving forward, there’s not much time for each other. I’ve certainly tried to keep things balanced, but it’s been tougher lately. This week is especially bad for the sheer volume of work I have, and next week doesn’t promise to be much easier.

But, despite the exhaustion, the lack of sleep, the tension and irritability, life isn’t bad. There are good people all around me, my work is still excellent, and I’m feeling—in some areas—like I’m figuring out what my next steps will look like. That can’t be anything other than four stars.

Oh, and I went to a great restaurant today. Mexican food makes any day better.


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