4 Stars

Thursday, June 14 – ★★★★☆

What’s interesting is that doing this task, rating my day each day, has really thrown perspective on things. I write each day a bit as though I write each Yelp review, focusing on different aspects but using the same general criteria. The fact that there are so many four-star days therefore means several things:
1. Most of my days are the same, at least in terms of my emotional experience in them.
2. My life ain’t all that bad, because that would mean the average was closer to three stars, rather than the clear four I keep coming back to each day.

The idea was simply to make me aware of the day, to help me write, and to gain confidence in myself. Luckily, My life in the past several weeks, through a combination of circumstance and personal commitment, has actually begun to gain a little luster. Things are shining underneath, and I’m digging in deep to get the most out of what I’ve got now. My internships, my classes, my groups, and the rest of my life are all pretty stable, solid, and enjoyable.

It’s strange to feel normal, whatever that is.


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