I was about to go for a run today, and got to thinking about the various uses of the internet. I had also been thinking about the simple fact that the only way to get good at writing is by writing, which I’ve been poor at for a few weeks. I might argue that being overwhelmed in school and then overwhelmed on holiday, just enjoying life, is a perfectly valid reason not to write, but that’s like saying, oh I can’t write because I’m busy breathing. The two can easily co-exist, and if I have any hope of making a publications-based career a reality, I’ve got to get off my tush and start writing.

So how have I been? Good, thanks for asking. Had a great last week of the last module, if by great I mean overloaded with work, exhausting, exciting, and hungover—in that order—which is exactly what I mean. My team ended up winning our Action Project thingy, despite or perhaps because of the really difficult group member we had to work with. A little drama and a good underdog story always looks good in the marketing brochures, you know? Nonetheless, we won, that was cool, I celebrated by staying out until 4am and having a riotous hangover at the American Embassy while I got my passport replaced. Did I mention I lost that the week before? It was a bit of a ride, these past few weeks!

There’s also the none-too-small matter of a rather large schism between me and one of my closest friends here. Maybe I’m being dramatic, and if by maybe I mean yes, which is exactly what I mean, but it doesn’t really surprise me now that I’m a couple weeks from it. After all, there were things in our friendship that made us polar opposites. Whenever we came into contact with that extreme, it usually didn’t go too well, and this was one of those unfortunate times. But, as my brother says, move along, nothing to see here. Surely my life is not that much of a page-turner, or I’d have more blog readers.

Now, I’m trying to be on top of my game for the last module, while still catching up on some leftover things, including an outrageous backlog of travel updates (not the least of which is China, which is a trip I took two months ago). I’ll be on it! I mean, hey, I was busy winning shit, okay? I was winning life for a while. That doesn’t happen too often, cut a girl some slack.


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