Globetrotting: Copenhagen

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CopenhagenLast weekend—yes, I know I’m doing this out of order—I went to meet my best friend in Copenhagen. We had picked the city because it is sort of halfway between us, and was a city neither of us had visited before. She’s been to a lot of the world, so it’s hard to find cities that she hasn’t already seen, but this was a great option.

After a long Friday night out with friends, I arrived in Copenhagen a bit worse for wear. I hadn’t really slept, but was totally impressed during the few hours we spent walking around. The city was short—no high-rises or skyscrapers or apartment complexes. The tallest things in the city were the roofs of the old buildings. Bronze spires, greened from the elements, were the things I used to orient myself. CopenhagenThose are the ones for Museum Island, and that’s the one near all the pedestrian streets, and that’s the one near Christiania.

Speaking of, the next day—and again, I’m a bit out of order—we did head over to Freetown Christiania, the autonomous neighborhood within eastern Copenhagen with its Green Light District and Strictly No Photos policy. The graffiti was cool, even if the hippie, we love the earth and we hate the rules of the government, yo atmosphere wasn’t my jam. I need more public infrastructure, thanks, and I’m willing to pay for it. Still, it was a really interesting thing to see, certainly unlike any autonomous or non-autonomous neighborhood I’ve seen before.

CopenhagenWe walked too, through Nyhaven, the “money shot” with it’s brightly colored facades and beautiful canal. We saw The Little Mermaid and I goofed off in the water. We saw castles and classical domes and onion-shaped domes and statues and modern art and Danish design. We ate, oh did we eat. Copenhagen has been gaining reputation as a foodie town, and while we didn’t have food at Noma*, we ate our way through some pretty amazing things. Traditional Napolese pizza and amazing shrimp and egg salad (probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life) and this experimental meal from the “Gordon Ramsay of Copenhagen”… whatever that means? (He’s a jerk?) Delicious, but very expensive.

CopenhagenI kind of fell in love with the city. The people were friendly, and the weather was beautiful. The temperature was nice and the chiming of the main city bells every fifteen minutes was vaguely charming, in an olden-times kind of way. I’m hoping to look at jobs, as I’ve heard I might have a better shot getting a visa there, and wouldn’t mind spending a year among the canals and undoubtedly-knowledgeable yelpers. We’ll see, but it’s nice to find more options of cool places in the world. Actually, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of those.


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