I wonder if anyone has ever done any studies on the habitual nature of our thoughts. Like, you know how you do something in your mind so frequently, or you think about the same thing so often, that after a while it loses meaning? Or, when it’s no longer important to think about that thing, you still find yourself doing it, even as you know it’s not important? Maybe it’s just a lil’ bit of OCD, but my brain does that. Occasionally, I just “check” with my thoughts, I check up on things that maybe don’t have any meaning but which my brain is just used to checking, and then I feel okay. So maybe it’s not just a little bit of OCD…

Don’t worry, everything is okay. I’m just in Paris for the weekend, and my distance from London feels acute. Not in a bad way, just in the way that I’m aware of. I’ve liked the city a lot more this time than usual, as it’s been productive for my work (though not enough!), beautiful weather, and slightly better in the eating-successfully-in-restaurants department. Last time I visited, I hadn’t really enjoyed the city. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but expect a very “bombastic” blog post about it later this week.

Other than that, just shocked to find myself in the middle of July. Oh hey, graduation in a month! Oh hey, not having a job! Life, like always, is a-shiftin’. The only thing constant is change.


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