The Unofficial Beginning of the Official End

Well, that was quite a nice holiday from writing, this past year. I mean, I’ve really had a year of adventure haven’t I? I sit now, a mere three pages from the end of my MBA, and have absolutely no idea what the next few weeks of my life hold.

Ireland Road Trip Gals

That’s not totally true, to be honest. I know that I have lots of internship work to be doing until the end of the month. I have lots of jobs to apply for, too. Hopefully some will produce interviews, and I’ll start to get a clear picture of what my life will look like in the next six weeks. It’s crazy to think that we had these six-week modules during the program, and they seemed so long, and now I have six weeks of vast relatively emptiness in front of me, and after that, empty bank accounts and shame.

Yes, that was dramatic.

It’s strange though, to think that this year is now “over.” It’s a rolling, tumultuous feeling, like it was a tumultuous year. There were some amazing moments, highlights of my life certainly, and some really dark times.

The Dream Team overlooking Lisbon
The Dream Team overlooking Lisbon

Interestingly, though my passion for school waxed and waned, my friendships fluctuated, and my morale and mood rode a roller-coaster, my love affair with London never stopped. This city has me in its grips, and its hard to think that very soon I will be not-too-politely asked to leave by the UK Border Agency.

I’ve met truly amazing people this year, as I reflect back on the unofficial “last day” of my MBA. When the assignments are all turned in and the job begins (fingers crossed) and the loans start getting repaid, that’s when it will really hit me: it wasn’t the classes, the textbooks, the lectures, the group meetings, the deadlines, the internships, or the lost sleep that really mattered. Like Grinnell, Hult is a magnet for amazing people, and I’ve had the pleasure to build my lifelong personal army with a good few of them.

Secret bar adventures in London

I’ve learned so much. About myself, about my interests, about technical skills I need to move forward. But I could never have done it without the people around me. I chose Hult because I knew I needed a different kind of person than the traditional MBA student, someone more concerned with life experience than paycheck size. Thankfully, I found those people, and had a wonderful year to enjoy with them. Now, on to the next great adventure!

(Expect weeks of angsty blogging as I figure my life out, of course.)


One thought on “The Unofficial Beginning of the Official End”

  1. So funny I too am two pages away from finish and can not make myself do it… I even cleaned the flat to avoid saying it is done. Thanks for being an incredible friend. Lean on me when you need to vent, rant, or just reminence…life just keeps getting better from here on out!

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