Meditation Challenge: Days 1-3

I am doing the Miraculous Relationships meditation challenge, and every day you have the opportunity to do a journal. To help me get back in the habit of writing, and keep myself connected to the program, I am going to share my guided reflections with you all. Admittedly, I am a day behind on the meditations, and the journal wasn’t working for the first few days, but that’s why I’m catching up now! Enjoy, and namaste!

Day – 1 – Miraculous Journey

Question 1: What miracles have you already experienced in your life?

Uh, is this even a question? Tons! Millions! Every day is its own miracle, just because I woke up in it. Every person I meet is a miracle, that this huge world works in such a way that they come into my life.
Okay, yes, I don’t always realize it. But it’s true.

Question 2: Make a list of the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you that might be inhibiting your ability to see miracles in each day?

“I have depression.”
“I don’t deserve ___.”
“I’m not good enough for ___.”

Question 3: What steps can you take to open yourself to the experience of miracles? Be very specific.

Waking up every day with a thought of what miracle might happen… just opening the day with the awareness of that possibility, even if it doesn’t happen, make it slightly more likely to (or a different miracle to happen) since I’m in a good mood automatically!

Day – 2 – Miraculous You

Question 1: Take a moment to identify the times or situations where you tend to feel most disconnected from your true self. Describe what this disconnection feels like. What are your thoughts in these moments? What do you feel in your body? What emotions do you experience?

I think I feel most disconnected when I’m trying to pretend something other than what I feel like on the inside. I’m not able to hide things well, though I am capable of dealing with things well, so when I attempt to hide, it’s not comfortable. It almost feels like I need to compulsively reveal what’s happening inside, when I try to disguise it.

Question 2: The thoughts and feelings you identified are cues. What are three things you can do to reframe and reconnect to your true self when you recognize these cues in your life?

I think… maybe I don’t always need to show everything on the outside, but I could work to acknowledge A) what the real feelings I have are and B) that I am uncomfortable. That may be enough to help me still feel authentic while having to ‘put on a face’ about something.

Question 3: Describe a time when you felt very connected to your soul. What did it feel like? What specifically about this time leads you to identify it as a soulful moment?

I feel most deeply connected in the moments where I take complete control of my life–when I make decisions that forever alter my life in ways I am fully cognizant of (when I stopped letting myself ever believe that “I don’t deserve to be happy” was an acceptable thing to say to myself, or that it was fair to reduce what I deserved from others because of how poorly I thought of myself). When I changed those crucial aspects in my mind, I felt empowered and aligned with what I really believe. It was like opening doors I thought were locked forever.

Day – 3 – Miraculous Nature

Question 1: Take a moment to think about the quality of your internal dialogue. Is it gentle and loving, or more critical and judgmental? Describe the messages you give to yourself each day—are you patient, angry, compassionate? Be specific.

My messages are notoriously critical. I hold myself to nearly the same high standard as I hold others, if not more since I often believe others to be wonderful, and rarely feel that way about myself.

Question 2: Describe the things that you have the most difficulty accepting about yourself. It takes courage to look closely at ourselves; set the intention of being honest and gentle with yourself as you answer this question in detail.

I have the hardest time accepting my emotional self… I think I’ve been told, and internalized, that this kind of emotionality is not acceptable, and so I don’t accept it. But, it is who I am, and I need to accept that instead… not that certain behaviors are okay, but being emotional is not something of which I should be ashamed.

Question 3: Write three positive “I am. . . ” affirmations that provide yourself with words of support, compassion and encouragement. Address the areas that you identified as being the most difficult for you to accept about yourself. As you support yourself you open the door to receiving support from the world around you.

I am a powerful individual, full of passion.
I am sensitive to the world around me, and care deeply.
I am unique in the way I see and experience the world.


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