Meditation Challenge: Day 4

I am doing the Miraculous Relationships meditation challenge, and every day you have the opportunity to do a journal. To help me get back in the habit of writing, and keep myself connected to the program, I am going to share my guided reflections with you all. Enjoy, and namaste!

Day – 4 – Miraculous Self

Question 1: What would you like to receive more of in your life? Consider all areas of your life and write freely.

I would like to receive more money–heavy on my mind today as I consider my next task of job applications/visa research. Though I’m well aware money doesn’t buy happiness, I am at a point where my financial health is dire, and I must make this healthy to ease the stress on the other “systems” in my life. I would like to receive more energy–I know I need to expend energy to receive it, so I look forward to beginning to run, doing yoga, possibly going to a gym sometimes, as a way of tapping my body into the flow of energy, in and out.

Question 2: Describe what it feels like when you receive a compliment, a gift, or a helping hand? Do you accept with ease and gratitude, or do you find yourself blocking incoming positivity and support?

I have, over the last year, become acutely aware of how I handle compliments, and I have worked to become more graceful in accepting them. However, I find there is a vast canyon between my outward acceptance and my inward. I hear compliments, but I don’t hear them, really. This is slowly changing as I become more aware of it, and am able to logically acknowledge what others tell me about myself. Behavioral compliments, therefore, are far more effective for me to internalize.

Question 3: What are the activities and practices that really make you feel alive and balanced? Are you willing to commit to including one of these activities in your daily schedule, even if just for a few minutes? What will you do today to take care of you? Consider writing a detailed seven-day self-care plan—as you give to yourself the universe will mirror your actions.

I love writing, and this meditation journal is helping me to add that to my day. I also love feeling the energy in my body, the vitality I have been given without even asking. I wonder if it might help to do a short 1-2 minute stretching session each day at some point. I love that feeling!


One thought on “Meditation Challenge: Day 4”

  1. I am so glad I found your blog, I got behind – especially with journaling and forgot to check out Day 4 questions. Thanks for sharing the questions and your thoughts! Namaste!

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