Meditation Challenge: Day 5

I am doing the Miraculous Relationships meditation challenge, and every day you have the opportunity to do a journal. To help me get back in the habit of writing, and keep myself connected to the program, I am going to share my guided reflections with you all. Enjoy, and namaste!

Day – 5 – Miraculous Esteem

Question 1: Are there any ways in which you place your worth in external sources such as other people, possessions or achievements? Take a moment to write them down; be honest and very specific.

I am regularly responsible for placing my assessment of my own value (and indeed the value of many things, at the mercy of others. This includes when I am in a relationship, a friendship, or facing a difficult decision. The reality is that we are all clouded by our own filters, and no one sees anything truly clearly, but yet I allow the weighting of others’ opinions to outweigh my own.

Question 2: What are your fears, if any, of truly accepting and loving yourself? If you find you quickly answered “none”, place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath in and then exhale slowly. Then gently ask your heart this question one more time. This practice of pausing and asking your deep heart can change your perception and your life. You may discover a different answer, or you may receive the same one you started with—it is all perfection in the moment.

My greatest fear is that to truly accept and love myself will directly result in no one else being able to accept or love me. I think I have told myself for a long time that there are too many things that are wrong, too many things that have to change, before anyone will ever love me. I think this has created a self-fulfilling prophecy, looking back now.

Question 3: Write down ten things that you love about yourself, no matter how seemingly small. We do not always have the chance to shine the light on ourselves. Be patient with yourself if it takes a minute to get started. Give yourself permission to enjoy this moment as you write out the truth of your magnificence. If you find yourself getting stuck, take a deep breath and keep it simple. As you begin to celebrate yourself your relationships will open and expand.

1. How my hair can do almost any style.
2. That my weight never changes.
3. My moral compass, strong as ever.
4. How easily I forgive, completely.
5. That I trust others so easily.
6. The miraculous machine that is my body.
7. My imagination.
8. A drive I have within me to never stop.
9. My fears, which are the mere skeleton of my successes.
10. The color of my eyes.


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