Meditation Challenge: Day 6

I am doing the Miraculous Relationships meditation challenge, and every day you have the opportunity to do a journal. To help me get back in the habit of writing, and keep myself connected to the program, I am going to share my guided reflections with you all. Enjoy, and namaste!

Day – 6 – Miraculous Magnificence

Question 1: Chances are that you have a unique gift, talent or passion that the people around you do not know about. What do you dream of being, doing and sharing with the world? As you write, connect with your dreams . . . our soul’s magnificence. Let your writing flow without judgment or inhibition. As you “own” your inner truth, the universe begins to conspire with you to make it so.

I dream of sharing my words with the world, the voice I use to express myself and the way I see things. I think that there are many people constrained by their minds, unaware of how similar we all are, and that my voice is my ability to connect with people even if I don’t know them. Part of this comes through in speaking, but more in writing, which is just the noise in my brain put to paper. I want to do that, as much, as often, and as freely as I can.

Question 2: In what ways have you limited yourself in expressing your true magnificence? Take your time and be specific.

It took me a very long time to believe that it was possible to be a writer. And I don’t mean like a fiction or a book writer–I don’t think that is my strength, and I already knew it was a job. Nor as a journalist; I mean the kind of writing that just is, and people read it. People want to read it. I didn’t open myself up to the idea that the things I love are shared with others, and I want to share it with them. For years, I said it was a hobby, which it still is, but it’s also a life passion.

Question 3: What steps would you like to take to share more of your authentic self and gifts with the world? What is one action you are willing to commit to integrating into your life today?

Writing! Daily! Constantly! Actually, taking notes of each day of things to write about, or sentences that pop into my head. Carrying a notebook or something to keep track of it all.


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