500+ Word Freewrite

Write. Write write write write write. Write until something comes into your head. Write until one of those ideas you lost comes back because you need to start carrying a notebook and not being afraid to look stupid when you stop on the side of the road or in the tube to write down the flash-dance of the muse when she flies by. Keep writing. Carry pens. Write on the nearest flat surface. Be unafraid of the fact that you love writing, and every damn day there is something that crosses your brain and you’re simply too full-minded to keep everything organized. Put notes on your iPhone, stop using it as a paperweight, time-suck, and distractor from life. Clean out your apps, because there are about 20 too many right now. Especially that BaseCamp one for the agency, which you’re not doing too much work with anyway. Speaking of agencies, how exciting is it that London Seattle seems to be crawling with cool ones? Agency work would be fitting: changing clients, dynamic work, exposure to lots of people and ideas. Plus freelancing on the side. Freelancing lists have already started: publications, movie theaters, breweries, all to cold call with the hey, I’ll do this for you for this much email. I should look at food trucks too. What happens when everyone gets good at the things I know how to do? How do I keep staying ahead of the trends so as to stay valuable? I feel like my MBA was a waste because all it did was take money without giving me any differentiating factors in the market. I know it was the right decision personally, but professionally, I feel no better prepared. How do I set myself apart to make the life I really want, the life I was talking about a few days ago, how do I make that happen? The world is getting smaller, and I feel like everyone is getting smaller in it, and it’s hard to be a big person anymore. Strange though, because the giants, they also fade away eventually. I mean, speaking of Seattle, Bill Gates is like, the guy, but you never really see or hear from him lately. I know he’s off building a legacy outside of technology. Where does that one great idea come from? Is it just one idea? That seems depressing, to think that once you have one good idea, that’s all you get. More reasons to carry a notebook, in case it is only one good idea. Maybe it’s that once you have one good idea, you build momentum and confidence that you have good ideas, and so they keep coming to you. My San Francisco map fell off the wall, and the London one is trying. I feel like that’s symbolic somehow. My ‘pinboard’ wall is falling apart, so I got on pinterest finally (not sure how I feel about this, as a moral issue), and started making one for the rest of my life: things to aim for as I move forward.


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