Food Truck Friday: People’s Burger

45th Friday: People’s Burger
(Century Link Field, Seattle, WA)
Facebook: The People’s Burger
Twitter: @pplsbrgrtrk
Price: $$
Food Tried: Jalepeño Burger w/ Fries (fresh ground painted hills beef, fire roasted jalapeno, arugula, tomato, “the people’s sauce” and cream cheese) – $9.00

I will admit, I haven’t had many burger food trucks. Most of my experience has been with tacos and other one-handed food, and a good burger is really a two-handed experience, don’t you think? Well, certainly the jalepeño burger from People’s Burger is! You’ll have to sit down and enjoy it there, or take it to a bench, or to your desk, because you’ll need to have two hands to enjoy all of the goodness.

This is the kind of meal to have when you really want to dig in–it’s as good as any restaurant burger you’ll find, and better priced. People’s Burger is also excellent for location: a quick walk from the International District during the work week, but perfectly placed for post-game dining. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to see how perfect a burger would be after a few beers, especially since burgers are few and far between along Occidental Avenue (hot dogs are the more common fare).

The “people’s sauce” is a nice aspect of their food, since it gives them a unique flavor and point of differentiation. I didn’t ask what was in the sauce, but with the melty cream cheese and fiery peppers, it was a messy, juicy consumption experience that is exactly what I want when I have a burger.

People’s Burger typically has a set of five or so burgers on the menu, giving lots of choices. They even have a shroom burger, for the veggies of the world (and in Seattle there seem to be quite a few). They offer deliciously seasoned fries, which you can add to an order or enjoy separately, and have a huge selection of drinks. Basically, they have all the workings of a really great food truck, and are perfectly placed for whenever you’re needing food.


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