Friday Food Truck: Off the Rez

46th Friday: Off the Rez
(Thursdays at 2nd & Pike, Seattle, WA)
Facebook: Off the Rez
Twitter: @OfftheRezTruck
Price: $$
Food Tried:
– Chicken fry bread taco
– Pork fry bread taco
– Cinnamon Spice fry bread
($10 for combo: 2 tacos + one side)

When my foodie friend mentioned that there was a Native American food truck in the Seattle area, my interest was piqued. I’ve had a fair number of food trucks, with a variety of different cuisines: gourmet American comfort foods, Mexican street food, and even desserts such as sweet pretzels, nevermind a wide variety of European styles. Basically, it takes a lot for me to get excited about trying a new type of food, because I feel like I’ve had most of it all. But, Native American, now that’s something you don’t see every day, and what better place than Seattle, where the history of Native Americans is still so strong and visibly present in the city (totem poles, native art, and souvenirs are everywhere in the downtown area). Cue Off the Rez, masters of the Native American food truck experience.

IMG_1118What makes Off the Rez so good is that they make easy-to-eat street foods (tacos, burgers) with “fry bread,” which is different than any other kind of bread product I’ve had on a burger or for a taco before. It takes a traditional food and transports it to another world. I was especially pleased to try the cinnamon sugar fry bread as dessert, because it gave me a chance to enjoy the bread “on its own” (and with a lot of seasoning). It’s a bit like the kind of bread you’ll find at fairs: doughy and hot, and ripe for accepting and complimenting the flavors of what you put on it.

Which, I must insist, should be the pulled pork. Whatever secret recipe Off the Rez uses for their barbeque pulled pork, I need all of it in the world. It was utterly delicious, probably the best barbeque I’ve had at a food truck, ever. Certainly a rival to a great food truck I had in London, and that’s one of the best compliments I can give. I also had the chicken taco, which was good, but simply couldn’t hold a candle to the pork. Just do the pork, I’m telling you. My friend had ordered the succatash, which was good, but not preferred because it’s cold, and we were sitting and freezing on a bus stop bench while we ate lunch. I’m sure it’s delectable in the summer.

I was as impressed with Off the Rez as I hoped to be. I would go back, gladly, and go big on the pork tacos. The price is right, they have good locations, the food is super fast and the guys are friendly. Top notch truck service, if I do say so myself.


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