Best of the Internet: November 4-10

Click to listen on SpotifyThis week started out distinctly nostalgic, as I found myself caught up in songs I haven’t thought about, much less heard, in the last six or seven years. When ‘Spitting Games’ came up on iTunes radio, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I still enjoyed music that I had forgotten I loved. Another highlight this week is ‘Sweet Talk,’ which is causing a lot of emotions for me right now, since it’s catchy and evocative. The rest, it’s all just good stuff, obviously.

Videos your eyeballs will thank you for:

  • Ellen thanked my new hero for being awesome, and he answered by being even more awesome: Ashton Kutcher is boss.
  • I’ve not really been on this Grumpy Cat thing, but ‘When Grumpy met Grumpy‘ is seriously the cutest.
  • Say hello to Sweetie, who’s a complete and total bad ass digital personality catching pedophiles around the world.

Click, and read, then read again:

Tweeters to follow:

  • @woodelijah, a long-time favorite celebrity who is totally real on Twitter, and share’s strange music I love.
  • @peterjlindberg, who’s my favorite Travel + Leisure writer and a social media champ.
  • @libertinewomen, the Twitter handle of Libertine, where I still volunteer.

Until next, chins up, carry on.


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