Desire & Destiny: Day 2

I am again working to complete a meditation challenge from Oprah & Deepak at the Chopra Center for Meditation. This one, titled Desire and Destiny, is a 21-day exercise, with daily 15 minute meditations. I’m attempting to journal every day using the prompts provided in the program, and would like to share my feelings here. Not as a narrative or organized fashion, but more for my own posterity.

Day 2: Empowered Me

As you give, so you receive. What ripple do you want to create in the world today?
I want the waves of kindness to flow out from me to improve the lives of everyone my life touches. I want those in my life to benefit from my presence, even if that benefit can only be a lack of hurt today.

Cultivating equanimity in your life is a powerful tool. What are the activities that bring you a sense of inner peace and balance?
Meditation, yoga, running, writing, therapy.

What are you grateful for today?
Waking up, and being present in this day, to try and figure out how best to change the world for the better on this day.


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