Best of the Internet: November 11-17

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.41.13 PMThis week is more mainstream, up-tempo, on the edges of top 40. I find myself wanting things that drive my brain to be happy, to enjoy my life exactly as it is. In particular, I’m totally digging “Atlas,” because the new Hunger Games is just around the corner. And, I can’t seem to get “Old School Love” out of my head, because Ed Sheeran has a voice that can melt the hearts of angels. I’m not totally sure what old school love is, but I know I want it. (Click the playlist to enjoy!)

Videos to feast your eyeballs on… but don’t feast on your eyeballs:

Links which beg your mouse to click them, because they are great:

Peep, peep, peeps to follow:

  • @SoVeryBritish, which captures the essence of what happens if you spend any extended amount of time in London.
  • @Bourdain, Mr. Anthony Bourdain, globe-trotting badass.
  • @WSWCHult, the meme-generator of my business school, which probably describes every business school, but is way cooler because I know the amazing founder.

Till next, stay cool, homies.


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