Friday Food Truck: Nosh

47th Friday: Nosh
(Fridays at 2nd & Pike, Seattle, WA)
Website: Nosh the Truck
Twitter: @NoshtheTruck
Price: $$ (total = $10.00 + tax/tip = $12.50)
Food Tried: British Fish & Chips (whole sustainable Pacific Cod fillet, local micro brewery beer batter, mint mushy peas)

87c22f2c549411e39b390e6c57e6fb13_8Let me set the record straight now: I do not like seafood. I have rarely purposely chosen to eat seafood in my time, never once eating it in London and only consuming fish on the west coast of Ireland where I was rewarded for my thinking that freshness correlated with deliciousness. So, when I decide to have a fish meal, there are a lot of bars that have to be surpassed well in advance of the food touching my lips.

First, there is the audacity to serve fish and chips British-style, with mushy peas, wide cut chips, and in newspaper wrapping. How dare Nosh assume that they can serve British food in this country, you know? We did declare independence for a reason, and I have a feeling horrid British food might have been an unspoken part of this (as an aside, this is a total stereotype, as London has some amazing food). But, when the blokes in the truck have the accents, and they pick their fish fresh from the market each morning, and they batter it with local beer, and they serve it piping hot and with homemade tartar sauce and ketchup… Okay, I’m sold. I was sold at the accents, really, but anyone who’s met me knows I will do just about anything for a gent with an accent. Eating the fish and chips from Nosh was hardly the most unpleasant thing I’ve done… Er, in fact, it was one of the best things I’ve done!43143c76549411e3a9a4123ce35ac48b_8

Literally, it doesn’t get too much more fresh than this: juicy, white cod meat battered to perfection and sitting atop a pile of skin-on thick-cut chips. Paired with cold mushy peas (do I detect a hint of mint?), I’ve never had a meal so British and so good. I’ve actually never had mushy peas before, so there’s that too. And cold mushy peas? Not what I was expecting, but a great temperature disparity with the freshly cooked fish and potatoes.

I don’t normally comment on condiments, because I think A) they’re hard to mess up/make noticeable and B) they shouldn’t reflect on the meal itself. In this case, I make an exception for the Nosh truck tartar sauce. I keep saying this–I don’t like __, I don’t eat __, I’ve never tried __ before,–but this was a meal that should have put me out of my comfort zone, and instead made me want more and more (despite that pesky problem of my stomach only being capable of holding so much). The fish and chips with tartar sauce and mushy peas is the kind of meal that brings me back to Nosh, and every time I’ll look at the other things on the menu, but I’ll always order this because it is simply the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, and when you know a meal is going to be one of the all-time greats, wouldn’t you repeat it whenever you can?

Thank you, Nosh, for the one of the most amazing meals I’ve had in Seattle yet, and for providing my go-to seafood dish. On those rare occasions I want fish, I’m coming to you.



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