Best of the Internet: Decemeber 2-8

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 10.41.07 PMIt’s a short playlist this week, because the reality is that Christmas music is slowly taking over my life, and it would be kind of weird to have that mixed in with more ordinary music. Maybe I’ll do a special playlist for that…

Anyway, meet Andy Grammar’s Lunatic, also known as my new pep-song-motto-mantra-motivation-anthem. It follows with a handful of great songs–a few that still sound nice even after seeing Catching Fire, and two classics (Six Days and Da Funk). Basically, just a fair amount of uptempo things to get you through these first few weeks of absolute Winter darkness. Thank me later.

Giving ’em eyegasms with my mellow links:

Click it, click it good:


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