Friday Food Truck: Delicios Taste of Transylvania

50th Friday: Delicios – Taste of Transylvania
(SW Washington & SW 10th, Portland, OR)
Price: $$
Food Tried: Covridog (bread wrapped hot dog) – $4.00

My food cart experiences in Portland were really unique–first Georgian, then Grilled Cheese, and now Delicios. I chose Delicios while wandering around the Washington & 10th intersection, because though they don’t have primary parking because they’re across the street, they do have an engaging storefront. Heck, who can say no to the idea of having Transylvanian food? Mind you, this means Romanian, but maybe I just felt like Portland was the perfect place to have Eastern European food.

I decided that the Covridog looked delicious, because it is a very large hot dog wrapped in melty provolone and delicious and crispy bread and coated with sesame and poppy seeds. It’s accompanied with a special sauce, some great mayo and ketchup-esque photo 2mix that accompanies the sausage. Mine was served sliced in half, which means there was an unfortunately short window before the cold Portland air decided to steal all that was good and hot about this “hot dog.”

When I did tuck in, it was a salty and juicy snack, that was perfect for the mid-afternoon. It’s the kind of snack I’d love to have in the office when the late afternoon munchies happen. I’d love to try a chimney cake (had one in Prague and loved it), or schnitzel (mmm, Germanic foods!). This is the kind of eating experience that I love to find in street food–unique among foods I’ve ever had, and even more rare for being great and coming off the streets.


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