Best of the Internet: Week of December 9-15

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.25.40 PMI think you might think I’m falling in love. All of this sappy, sickly romantic music, singin’ about past loves (‘Old Flame’) and future loves (‘Here We Go’). But don’t worry friends, it’s just the music. I’m perfectly happy as things are right now–stuck with a bit of instrumental goodness like ‘BomBom’ and ‘Ethio Invention no. 1.’ Just feeling a bit of the winter blues, and that always a person lonely from time to time.

This is a week where the things to watch are inspiring in the best ways:

If you want to click, you’ll find yourself in the past, beautifully:

  • Go back to 1915, and find yourself besotted with a Christmas list we all wish we could go back and be satisfied with.
  • Remember Susan Pevinsie from Narnia? What happened when she was left behind?
  • Okay, it’s not that far in the past, but The Fog of London was pretty badass this week.
  • It’s pretty cool that Commander Hadfield, among others, is featured in the Facebook Stories of 2013.

Happy internetting this week, lovelies.


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