Best of the Internet: December 16-22

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.04.09 PMAs the year draws to a close, it’s interesting to look back on not only my monthly reviews, but these weekly glimpses into my mood. The music I pick is ofter a really good reflection of how I’m feeling which I guess means that I’m having a good week, with a little bit of my normal level of angst mixed in. ‘Step Out’ is a highlight, following seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty at an advance screening last week. The rest of the playlist is the best of Spotify’s ‘discover’ function, with a bit of old school ‘Breathe’ and new school ‘Holding On for Life’ thrown in. Generally jovial, just like me.

A Quiet Week on the Internets, Apparently:

  • Beautiful aerial shots of London make my day so much better.
  • Reminiscing to my trip to Rome, this time last year. If only I hadn’t been sick–I could have done more and written more!
  • We’re obsessed with Duolingo in my house right now, and their gear is on everyone’s wish list.

This upcoming week might be slow too. You know, with that little think called Christmas and all.


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