2013 in Pictures

This year, instead of trying to put the photos together with funny fonts and things, I thought I would just post a picture from each month, with a caption. If you click each photo, it will take you to that month as recorded by my “Project 365,” an app where I upload one photo every day. Lots to look at, if you have the time. I certainly saw quite a lot this year.


In January, I did a lot of traveling. I spent a week in Finland, both Helsinki and Jyväskylä, visiting family that lives there. I also went to Prague, where this picture was taken. These are the flying buttresses of the cathedral of St. Vitus. I took the picture because I wanted a good reminder of the architectural element, and ended up with a great picture.


This is a picture of four of my closest friends on a trip we took to Lisbon at the beginning of February. From left to right, it’s Jeff, Steph, Nida, and John, and then you can’t see Eric to the farther right. This was taken in the San Pedro de Alcantara park overlooking the city, with the castle in the background. That was, in short, a ridiculous weekend, and some much needed sun in the London winter.


This photo, unlike the last, was taken at the end of the month. This is a rainbow falling over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher in the west of Ireland. It was our last day on the Emerald Isle, and Kerri, Jen, Kamla, and I had just had an amazing seafood meal at Vaughan’s Anchor Inn in Liscannor. We drove, endured wind and rain, and were rewarded with the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever seen.


Here is La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a trip I took with Kerri “for” my birthday, since our trip to Barcelona “for” her birthday had been cancelled by the airlines. The weather was glorious, the tapas and sangria spectacular, and the ocean endlessly alluring. I fell in love a little bit more with the Spanish way of life, and came to appreciate–though not like–how Gaudi’s architecture fits into that.


你好! (Ni Hao!, or Hello!) This is the month I jumped out of Western culture and firmly into the far east, spending a week in Shanghai and Beijing. I was surprised by how much I liked the foreignness of the experience, and astounded by the beauty of architecture, history, and religion in the People’s Republic of China (though not at all surprised by my hatred of the pollution).


I could say ‘Guten Tag’ from the Brandenberg Gate, but that would be a bit of overkill… I did learn to say hello in a lot of languages in 2013! I spent a weekend in Berlin with several Grinnell friends: Alex, Emma, and Meghan. I ate six currywurst in forty-eight hours, and spent time holed up in Starbucks working. It was a bit like living there, and I liked it quite a lot.


I traveled to both Copenhagen and Paris in July, but having been to the latter before, I was much more enamored with Denmark (though I did increase my appreciation of the French quite a lot). I loved the canals, the bright colors, the gourmet food obsession sweeping the capital city, and the cool summer sun. I’d much like to retire to one of these boats, thank you.


After losing my passport in June, I was England-bound for my last full month in Europe. Not that this was a bad thing, and I found more time to explore the city I love. Mari visited, and we went to several museums, including the British Museum. We also drank a fair number of pints and bummed around and basically just soaked up the amazing city I called home for a year.


I left London, and my heart broke. I went and visited my family in Colorado. I up and hopped on a plane, flew to Seattle, had a job interview, landed a job, and decided to move to the Emerald City. It’s not a bad place to start my after-London life, especially with the neat cityscape, including the Space Needle. They’ve also got decent public transit, food trucks, and oh, so much beer.


I snapped this postcard-fucking-picturesque photo in San Francisco while there for a business trip right after starting my new job. I also had the chance to travel to Portland for work, which helps break up the occasional monotony of the work I do. I love my new job, and my new city, though nothing compares to London. Unfortunately while in SF, I didn’t have time to see any friends.


What I love most about having lived in London is how I find it in the small places of my heart and my world. Here’s the storefront of All Saints in downtown Seattle, which taught me that the All Saints I used to pass all the time in Spitalfields turns out to be the original one. I love having that heritage, both from the city, and my own life in it, to look back on when I feel sad about having left.


This is a photo from Idaho Springs, Colorado, where I stopped briefly with my family over my Christmas vacation. I loved the colors and the antiquity of the setup, how it captures the small town spirit of the US, something that is present but in distinctly different ways in the UK. I love, and miss, both while living in Seattle, but I can’t help being a city girl.


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