Weigh-in Wednesday #1

I wrote it as a resolution, and there’s no better time to start doing my resolutions than the present, right?

4. Complete the Weigh-in Wednesday challenge

This is a new idea I have this year, because I’ve realized that my body is not as young as it once was. Since turning 26 in April, my metabolism has clearly shifted, and I notice a major difference in how much energy I have, how stable my weight is, and how good I feel. I’ve decided I’m going to do the “Weigh-in Wednesday challenge” (something I made up) as a way of trying to become more accountable for my health.

Each week, I’ll be straight up honest with myself (and you) about my health for the week. I’ll give a few statistics I’ve tracked–total calories; caloric breakdown into fats, carbs, and protein; miles run; steps taken; fruits and veggies eaten; and weight.

By weight, I mean that picture above, “boldly” displayed for all to see–here’s a test of whether I am actually able to share anything on the internet. By the way, there is simply no sexy way to take a picture of ones feet on a scale. Get used to it.

So there it is, a starting weight of 149. I’ll report back next week with a bunch of numbers and see if I can start to gain some control over my nutrition and health. I’m going to quantify as much as I can, to see if there are patterns I can identify and behaviors I can change to make me feel more like a 25 year old again.

(Maybe I’m being a bit silly about this, but I prefer to workout alone, and this will be my group motivation.)


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