Weigh-in Wednesday #3

Another long week, this one marked by lots of variability; if you could see the standard deviation on some of these measures, you’d realize that my devotion to a strict diet is slipping. While my calories are still good and I should lose weight as desired (at a more healthy rate than this week suggests, too!), I would prefer greater consistency. That’s the focus for this upcoming week, despite some planned travel and even a date.

The Good

Unsurprisingly, I continue to sleep well and enough. Living without an alarm is complete bliss, and for everyone who claims to require one, I assure you: your brain is meant to be awake when it is ready to be awake. If you’re not sleeping well, don’t blame the alarm for your tired feeling in the morning. Look at your sleep hygiene (and diet, and behaviors, and exercise, and vitamins and medications, and interactions….. The list goes on.)!

Still under my goal of 1500 daily, though increased as compared with last week. This suggests that my weight should again go down in this upcoming week, though not by as much as previously. A theory to test, I suppose! The biggest concern is my variability: I had caloric intakes between the 1220s and 1860s, which means that some days my body is undernourished, and some days overnourished. Bodies just need regular nourished!

The Bad






Oof. A ton of variability here between Fat and Carbohydrates, neither of which are the best things for me. Protein is good, but I shouldn’t be having 19% carbohydrates and 60+% fat on some days. There is tons of room for improvement here.

F&VFruits & Veggies
Much improved over last week (3.1 vs. 2.6) with space for improvement, especially as the week wore on. I’ve started a ‘Pact’ to try and do 2 fruits or veggies a day, which should help boost this number a bit, though it just depends on the day and what my body is asking for. That’s the hardest part of changing my diet: forcing things I don’t want I think it will get used to asking for more, if I give it more!

An increase over last week (706 steps more per day than last week!), but still well below the minimum I need to be taking. The average American is at 5,000, so I’m improving well above that, but as you’ll see, if I would just get moving or go to the gym, I wouldn’t have a problem achieving my step goals (and making my GymPact each week!). TL;DR: My diet is slowly improving, but my activity is still squarely Winterish.

The Ugly

I hate to admit this, but putting it on my blog is kind of the point, eh? I did not run a single mile this week. I spent half an hour on the treadmill on Sunday, but didn’t really burn off many calories or go far (despite working up a sweat). I long for warm weather and sunshine in which to run, but for now, I need to just dig deep and find the motivation to get on the treadmill again. Anyone have good motivational quotes?

The End Result

BOOM, kids. That’s what a little attentiveness does. My weight is moving in the right direction again (with limits, of course. I don’t expect it to keep going down forever!). I have good energy still, my memory seems improved, and I feel more comfortable in my clothing again. This week’s goals for continued success: more caloric consistency, more water intake, more veggies, and more movement. Ready, go!


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