Weigh-in Wednesday #4

I’ve been wondering if my winter depression has manifest in a new way this year–instead of mood disturbance, I’m just completely unmotivated to do anything. Yes, this includes dieting. I have fallen off the wagon completely. I keep waking up with good intentions, but the diet is contrary to what my body asks for (it’s trying to make me eat too frequently!). Then again, as you’ll see, my lack of focus has not helped me reach my goals.

The Good

SleepAs always, you can count on me to get enough sleep. I did not do as well this past week due to a day where I had to get up really early to catch a bus back to Seattle (long story, nor a pleasant one). Nonetheless, I caught up on my sleep well enough to still be plenty above average. My average is falling over time, but I don’t think there’s anything particularly notable about that; just that I’ve been staying up too late. Zzz on!



Still doing well here, though slowly creeping toward that 1500 ceiling. I would like to point out for the record that no human requires 2000 calories a day if they live a sedentary lifestyle, because as you can see, I am plenty healthy, and eating a lot, and still have another 25% of “my calories” available. I’d like to continue to strive for making healthier choices, despite doing well in this category for now.

The Good(ish)

I had a rise in my steps–again! This is primarily because I put in a day over the weekend with nearly 17,000 steps. Whenever I visit Portland, that seems to happen. But, I’m starting to get an itch to run outside, and as the sun returns to my part of the world, I hope to start biking and riding more. I’ve been incredibly inactive lately, a chicken-and-egg issue with my motivation.

The Bad

F&VFruits & Veggies
I didn’t drop off, but considering how hard I am working to add veggies, I would have predicted my average to be much higher than 2 a day. That’s okay; my pact this week has me at 3/day, so I’ll have to step it up or (literally) pay for it! My digestive system will thank me too, if I can just get in the habit. I guess as soon as I finish this, I’ll go find something fruit or veggie-ish to put into my system.

The Ugly




The lesser of two evils this week. I was, quite genuinely, a fatty. I upped my fat intake by a ton, and I’m not even sure why. I ate out more than in previous weeks, and didn’t make good choices, I guess. At home, I started eating candy. My body is trying it’s hardest to stay on the foods it knows: processed, sugar-heavy foods. NO, body!

For shame. Really. I am hardly moving my body at all lately, and I’m not even getting any younger! There’s so many easy ways to get fit, and I’m being lazy. I brought my gym gear home today, thinking that might help motivate me if I work out at home. I’m hoping to go to sleep early and get up tomorrow for the gym. And as many days after, until it is warm and I can start running outside again!

The End Result

I for one am not surprised at all that my weight stabilized. First, that is what it always does, no matter what I do, diet or exercise. I get a few weeks of improvement, and then it stabilizes, each time a few pounds higher. Second, I haven’t been taking care of myself, so of course it has stabilized! It’s going to be harder to get it moving again, but I really want to! I just need to make myself eat salads and veggies, and occasionally move more than just a few thousand steps today.

Why does that sound so easy yet turn out to be impossible to make myself do?


One thought on “Weigh-in Wednesday #4”

  1. Keep at it! I don’t know what gym you use but I had great results at the downtown Epicenter. I think it was only $20/month and I used one of their personal trainers. I lost 30 lbs back in 2005/6 with her help. It didn’t work for me this past year, though. I had a personal trainer for 3 months and didn’t lose an ounce. Needless to say, I’m trying something else now.

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