Weigh-in Wednesday #5

It’s another week, and I’m a little bit late, but I gave it my best go this week. Strangely, the thing I have most noticed is that I have incredibly inconsistent habits. See?

The Good

As usual, I am the queen of sleeping. I’m still sitting well above my minimum seven hours, sleeping without an alarm, and waking up quite consistently at 7:36am every day. I don’t always get up, but I always wake up. I don’t think this is the kind of thing that’s really at risk, but it’s something to keep track of. Maybe one day I’ll be busy traveling or something at it might get interesting to look at!

FV - goodFruits & Veggies
I’m finally on the up-and-up with this metric–I’ve been doing Pact, and stepped it up so that I either eat the fruits and veggies, or I pay. I don’t want to pay, so I’m eating more! As predicted, I realize that my digestion is much better, and while my weight isn’t doing anything fancy, I feel good, I don’t eat as much junk, and I’m not hungry as much. That’s what really matters in the end, isn’t it?

The Bad

Calories - BadCalories
Okay, so I’ve overshot, and I wasn’t even good about recording my food intake. I overshot several times, most noticeably when I ate four cheeseburgers for dinner on Tuesday. To be fair, it was a special occasion. So… I’ve got some work to do. Namely no cheeseburgers, more veggies, and an occasional treat here and there. I’d love to get to an average of 1500 per day, so the goal still stands.

Unlike my high-stepping last week, I didn’t travel at all, but I did have a pretty good week. I had several days near or above 7,000 steps, and then some highly inactive weekend days–there is real room for improvement there, and that’s what I hope will only get better as the weather improves and the sunshine comes back to this ever-alluring city.

The Ugly

CFP - UglyThe Nutrient Breakdown
Instead of looking at the original goals, I’d just like to point out balance is key. I’d like to cut my fat proportion down below 25% next week, and trade that for protein. Really, I’m not sure how this will help my health, other than that it’s made me really aware of how much fat and protein I’m consuming. Nonetheless, I’ll pay attention because I think that I’m probably not aware enough yet, and certainly haven’t adjusted my diet yet!

I did better this week, but not as much as I’d like to do. The problem is (just like every winter) I hate running on treadmills. I hate ellipticals. I just want a good bit of concrete and a decent view, and I can do my seven miles no problem. I’d love to get up, go run for 10 each morning, and then have my cuppa coffee. But  for now, I’ll keep having bad data, if it’s all the same to all of us. Maybe I will also count each ‘workout’ as a mile.

The End Results

WeightStability is a start, though it’s also discouraging. Stability means that I have to find a new way to kick-start my weight loss. One would argue that I know what to do: improve my diet by cutting down fat and increasing fruits and veggies, and improving my activity by either working out or running, and increasing my step count. I’ve probably been saying those things all along, but we’ll see how I do next week. One week at a time, right?


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