Weigh-in Wednesday #6

Another week, another dollar, another few pounds moving around here and there. I started trying to find my groove again this week, getting out to work out once, and refocusing on health rather than results. There’s still room for improvement, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

The Good

sleep - goodSleep
As always! I am still alarm-free, but I seem to be having some difficulty sleeping this week. I find myself waking up in strange positions, destroying the bed, and generally feeling poorly rested. My roommate has gotten a job which means that while I don’t wake up with an alarm, I do wake up to the noises of her moving around. That’s the same difference, really, because I’m not waking up when I’m ready.

F&V - goodFruits & Veggies
Here we go, baby! The desire to not pay $5 per missed veggie less than four per day on average is quite an incentive for me, because while I didn’t eat four every day, I did eat four per day on average. I don’t notice any difference in the way I feel, and usually I’m forcing myself late at night to eat them, but I will work to incorporate them into meals more. That will help me get to 5 a day!

Steps - goodSteps
My second best step week yet! I had a really big day and a really little day, and apparently they averaged out, along with the others, to about 7,000 per day. I’ve got plenty of space for improvement, but this is still a move in the right direction. I can’t wait to start running again and getting steps from that. Come on, warm weather! (It has, in fact, gotten colder than usual this week, so it might be a while before I get out and enjoy it.)

The Bad

Calories - badCalories
Huzzah! I had a better week than last week, though just barely overshot my 1,500 calorie goal (the raw average was 1,505). I don’t think that my caloric intake is really having an effect on my weight gain or loss though, because I think when I eat fewer calories, I make poorer choices too, trying to get enough energy from my food. As you’ll see, I should be far more concerned with what I eat, rather than how much of it I eat.

Miles - badMiles
I did go workout once this week, for an hour! So if we counted the fact that my heart rate was up around my cardio fitness level (180+ bpm) for about an hour, this should really say six miles. But, I don’t count that–I count my workout as one run, and that means I’ve got plenty of space to improve. Steps and miles are related, so I look forward to getting into the time of year and level of energy where I can start to really meet these goals.

The Ugly

Nutrition - UglyNutrition
As I mentioned above in calories, I think this category is far more important than anything else diet related when it comes to my success in keeping a healthy weight. Fruits & Veggies don’t seem to make a difference, calories don’t seem to make a difference, but nutrition, that’s the one that gets me. I’ve got tons of work to do–mostly just logging my meals after lunch and then choosing dinners which balance out my day.

The End Result

WeightTaking in all that I’ve just analyzed, I can definitely see some relationships starting to form: exercise and diet both play a role in my weight (and I’m sure sleep would if I weren’t getting enough of it, but thankfully I am!). My general exercise level has room for improvement, and my nutrition is the part of my diet where I have tons of room for improvement. I’m not going to lie and pretend that I’m going to start working out, so this next week is for focus on nutrition.


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