Weigh-in Wednesday #9 (+ Monthly Checkin…)

So it’s been a while! Not on purpose–the first week was just bad habit, but then my Mac met a sticky cup of Coke and ended up retiring to the Genius Bar for a few martinis and a bit of plastic (and other materials) surgery. Now we’re back in business, with a (basically) brand new computer. I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but we’ll take it one day at a time.

The Good

Sleep - GoodSleep

As usual, I’m the queen of sleep, and generally have been good for the past several weeks — before my vacation I had a really rough week, and had a short night last week, but I make sure to make up for it when I can (like in Hawaii–week 7). This past week, I put in 7.2 hours on average, a solid 12 minutes above my goal of 7 hours.

The Bad

FV - BadFruits and Veggies

While this week wasn’t as bad as some have been, the past month hasn’t been that good–generally 2 or fewer veggies per day on average. I’m working to stop eating the high fat/salt snacks at work, and go to the veggie plates we set out, so hopefully this will continue to improve. There’s definitely plenty of space for improvement!

Miles - BadMiles

I was surprised to look back at my month and see that week 6 was a good one (2 Pure Barre classes and 1 Yoga class). This week, I’ve tried to get a few miles in here or there–my doctor told me at my last appointment that I need to get more active, so I’m trying to find lots of different ways to do so. I can’t wait to run outside again soon though!

Steps - BadSteps

Air travel is good for steps–there’s nothing like an airport to up step counts (like my 12000+ day last week when I went to Vancouver). However, I’ve been pretty inactive lately (see also Miles), so I’ve got plenty of space to improve. As the rain goes away, I hope to start riding my bike to work, and walking two extra bus stops when I have time.

The Ugly

Calories - UglyCalories

Ouch–my biggest week yet! I’m not really sure why my caloric intake has gone up so much in the past several weeks, but if you look at my decreased activity levels and increased caloric intake, I think you won’t be surprised at the weight stats you’ll see below… It’s not a fun thing, but I can’t deny that “there’s no reason I’m gaining weight!”

FCP - UglyNutrition

Similar to the stats you’ve seen, I’ve also had a big uptick in my fat content–it’s more than my daily carbohydrate intake, on average! I really need to shift my protein uptake way up to try and win this nutrition fight, but it’s hard because this counts both healthy and unhealthy fat…

The Final Result


Whereas for a while I seemed to be stabilizing just below 150lbs, I’m now consistently above it… that makes me have a solid 15lbs I’d like to lose, and it’s not going to be easy (was it ever?). I can see the things I need to do, but I just make bad choices or forget to stick to the rules when I shop. Self-improvement never ends.


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