Weigh-in Wednesday #10

There are some things that make me really proud about this week; there are things I can see changing in my behavior and my mental approach to my health. The sun has come back, quite literally thanks to Daylight ‘Savings’ Time, and I’ve been thinking about being active. I’ve also been trying to make much better choices with my food… but I don’t want to spoil it all now! See for yourself:

The Good

Sleep 10 - GoodSleep
My domination of the realm of sleep continues, with an increase this past week. I feel rested and pretty full of energy, and I’ve been trying to put it to good use. The change in daylight doesn’t bother my sleep, as I never put my shades down, but it will be nice in a few weeks to be back to being woken up in full light again. Until then, I’ll keep dreaming! (wink, wink.)

Calories 10 - GoodCalories
This week, I’m proud to report that for the first time in a month, my average daily caloric intake is back beneath my goal, even with one day of ‘over-‘eating (I hardly count 1800 calories as over anything…). In fact, this was my second best week ever! I’ve been trying to make really healthy choices at work, where snacking is the modus operandi, but wait, you’ll see what I mean about that in a second.

FV 10 - GoodFruits & Veggies
Compared with last week, I ate an average of one more fruit or veggie per day this week. That’s a good amount of fruits and veggies! Yes, I know the goal is five, but if I could get consistently above three, I would count that as a huge success (I mean, look how many weeks I couldn’t even get above two!). The secret to my success here is always going for the fruits and veggies at work, instead of chips.

The Bad

Steps 10 - BadSteps
Now, I put steps in the ‘Bad’ category because on its own, this week wasn’t my greatest (just under 7,000 per day). But, if you take out Saturday, where I moved less than 1,000 steps, this week would have been my second best yet! So no more laying on the couch all day… I need to go for a few miles at least to balance it out! (Spoiler: this new week is off to a great start, so hopefully it’ll be in ‘Good’ next!)

Miles 10 - BadMiles
There seems to always be improvement, though like I said, I’ve started thinking about getting active more. I’ve got sunshine and some good weather and good temperatures, so there’s a fair chance I’ll be out running more. Once I move (two weeks), my bike will be back in use, and I’m thinking of going swimming once a week. Lots of ways to log ‘miles’ (15 minutes bike, 30 minutes swim, etc.).

The Ugly

Nutrition 10 - UglyNutrition
UGH. I am so unhappy to report that while I kinda lowered my fat intake, it was at the expense of more carbs (read: fruits and veggies), rather than protein. Maybe I’ll start drinking a protein shake at work or something. So much room to improve. That might be my April goal… which reminds me, I should have been setting meta-goals all along, to help guiding my reaching the other goals I’ve set. So many goals!

In the end…

Weight 10A reduction and/or stability in my weight. After two weeks ago when I weighed one night at my heaviest ever, I have been trying to make choices that will ensure that I am healthy, regardless of the number (though often the number will follow). I still feel like I have plenty of room to keep working (obviously!), but this is a good start, and I feel like I’ve gotten everything moving in a direction that should help me continue to feel better.


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