Wednesday Weigh-In #11

I am pretty pumped about this week’s stats. There’s still room for improvement, even upon my Good categories (four of the six!), but it’s the first week in a while that feels like a solid step in the right direction. I need to get a lot more active, still, but the weather has turned cold again, so I’ll do what I can when I can.

The Good

Sleep 11 - GoodSleep
I am the best at sleeping of ever. Actually, that’s a lie, since they say you need 8 hours a night, but I’m an ardent believer that I need 7, so I think I am right (especially since I’m totally alarm free and loving it). Interestingly, this week had three nights with less than 7, and I definitely felt it the next day, and had to try and make sleep up. Overall, it was a good week though.

Calories 11- GoodCalories
This week was my lowest week EVER. Okay, not of all time probably, but since I started tracking 11 weeks ago. In fact, it was 8 calories lower per day on average than the next lowest week, which was week #1! I wasn’t necessarily trying to be super attentive, other than doing my best not to snack all weekend, and getting a lot more active (spoilers for what’s to come). It’s okay to take more in if I’m burning it off and end up with a good stat in the end!

Miles 11 - GoodMiles
Boom, baby! Another best week ever: 6 of my 7 goal miles were put on these knees and feet this week. No lie, it wasn’t easy to just jump up to doing two mile runs, but I found myself really enjoying the distance: I was able to push myself (meaning actually improve pace) on the back-halves of each run, and feel like I was actually training, rather than just surviving. Onward to my London 10k!

Steps 11 - GoodStepsIn a lot of ways, this was my best week ever: in addition to the above categories, I also logged the highest average steps per day this week (8 steps more per day than week #6, aka when I was traveling a lot). I’ll take it! Getting out and running helped my steps, my miles, and my calories. That’s a powerful activity, and I plan to do a lot more of it. I also took some nice long walks this week when the weather was still good.

The Bad

FV 11 - BadFruits & Veggies
Gosh darnit, I was thinking I was on the upswing for a while there. It’s unsurprising to me that my physical activity improves before my diet does, but it’s really something I’ve got to push myself harder on. Fruits and veggies are so good for me, I simply must eat more of them! I haven’t been eating as much this week, I guess, so I haven’t been logging the necessary fibers. Room to improve!

The Ugly

Nutrition 11 - UglyNutrition
Okay, to be fair, this is an improvement over last week. Fat proportion has gone down, but unfortunately so has protein, and all at the expense of carbs. I don’t need more carbs! I need more protein! I must start eating… I don’t know, like whole chicken breasts for dinner or something! Definitely am going to focus on this as soon as I get settled in my new place and start cooking more.

In the end…

Weight 11Stability is the name of the game. To be fair, you can see that this is a long term pattern of stability with occasional spikes, but there’s space to improve. I don’t feel as fit as I want to, and I’m hoping to get weight-lifting in coming weeks, in addition to adding cardio. I’m sure that will help my calorie counts, and miles, and energy (and thus sleep), and hopefully we can start to see a little bit of improvement in this stat by Week 20. Eyes forward, focus and carry on.


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