Weigh-in Wednesday #12

It’s so strange that we’re at #12. Twelve weeks means three months, which means a quarter of the year has come and gone without us really taking the time to acknowledge it. Certainly my New Years’ Resolutions aren’t as far along as they should be, nor is my Weigh-in Wednesday project yielding life-changing, body-changing results. But, it’s a good point to acknowledge: it’s 25% done, but there’s still 75% left to work with (and that’s just of this year!).

The Good

sleep 12 - goodSleep
Still rocking the sleep thing, though slowly drifting toward the minimum amount of sleep I need to function. I’m not sure what’s been going on this week, but I’ve been sleeping poorly, not dreaming, and waking up tired. I’ve got to figure out a schedule and get on it, once I get moved into my new place (life has been a bit in turmoil, to be honest).

calories 12 - goodCalories
Still solid here, though it was a slightly higher week than last week (actually, just today elevated my average a lot; not sure why I was so hungry today!). It’s good to be consistently below target though–I do see a pattern of low week-mid week-high week, so I’m going to try and prevent that from happening this time around. Must stay committed to making good decisions!

steps 12 - goodSteps
I really wanted to put this one first, because it is THE BEST of this week. I actually beat my 10,000 steps per day goal! That takes a lot of walking, let me tell you. My brother was visiting and we did a lot of walking, and I was out running a fair bit too. It feels good to make the goal though–there was a while I thought it was completely out of reach.

The Bad

fv 12 - badFruits & Veggies
I mean, it’s not bad, per se, that I’ve eaten 2.3 fruits or veggies per day for the last weeks, but there’s just so much room for improvement! I think my intermediate goal here is to just get one month of 3/day each week. Maybe that’s a good goal for April, since I’m working on coming up with goals for that month. From there, I have a feeling I will get more used to relying on fruits and veggies for snacking, instead of other junk.

miles 12 - bad

Okay so technically this is not even close to my worst week ever, in fact it was the second best. But, I just didn’t put energy in all week long, and that’s why I feel that I have room to improve. The point is to be consistently active, not just to get the 7 miles in one go. So, need to refocus here again (and keep training for my London 10k!) and get my mileage up. My goal is to have all four weeks in April achieve the 7mi/wk goal.

The Ugly

nutrition 12 - badNutrition
This is an improvement: there is a clear shift away from fat this week in favor of both protein and carbs. But, there is still plenty of room for more improvement. I can’t figure out how to get my protein up (apparently my 3oz of chicken for dinner tonight didn’t really help?), and that’s what I want to focus on: long-lasting, high energy foods.

In the end…

weight 12Yeah not too bad! Another week of coming down to hit 147, which is the lowest weight I’ve been able to manage during this whole process. Next month, the intermediate goal is to break through this floor down to consistently 145 each week.

I’m trying to consider too how to supplement my workouts: cardio, strength, running, pure barre, swimming, yoga, walking more, riding my bike to work… once I get my life re-settled, I plan to get moving again!


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