August 2005

08.01.2005 — There Ain’t No Use in Lying
08.02.2005 — Straight Jacket Feeling
08.02.2005 — There Goes My Hero
08.02.2005 — This Entry Has Some Stuff that Was Hard to Say In It
08.03.2005 — Or, yearh, not, so thanks, Nick, again
08.04.2005 — Soon the Water will be Lost in the Well
08.05.2005 — They Don’t Want Music, They Don’t Know How To Use It
08.05.2005 — I am Jack’s Smirking Revenge: Two Poems
08.06.2005 — And I Lie Till There’s No Turning Back and I Lie Till I Don’t Know Who I Am
08.08.2005 — What a Crazy Bleepin’ Day
08.08.2005 — My (Nick’s) Long Walk To Jail
08.09.2005 — The Yearly Rape, er, okay, it’s called a Yearly Check Up, but You Get the Idea
08.10.2005 — There’s So Much More to Life, Sweet Sixteen
08.11.2005 — Just Kiss Me There
08.12.2005 — You Think Your Name is “Pass the Joint”
08.14.2005 — And When You Find it You’ll Keep It In A Permanent State
08.15.2005 — The Fancy Cars, The Women, The Caviar
08.15.2005 — He’s Just the Boy I’m Looking For
08.16.2005 — I’m Listening to Adam Sandler Songs
08.17.2005 — Motivation, Such an Aggrivation
08.19.2005 — The Last Frontier of Corn
08.20.2005 — I Don’t Like This Already
08.21.2005 — With Love, XOXO to you
08.21.2005 — Tired. Sore Inside my Ribcage.
08.22.2005 — A Short Daily Update to Show I Care
08.23.2005 — I Do Still Want to Go Home, but I’m Okay for Now
08.23.2005 — Jude Law & A Semester Abroad
08.25.2005 — It Hears the Soul
08.25.2005 — I Woke Up In A Car
08.27.2005 — A Long Winded Way To Say I Love You
08.27.2005 — Mostly Lyrics, but a Short Bit at the Bottom
08.28.2005 — An Events Laiden Day
08.29.2005 — It’s Like That
08.30.2005 — Beginning at 12:30, Ending…
08.31.2005 — I Really Need a Raaaaiiiiincoat


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