January 2010

01.01.10 — New Years Resolutions and Goals 2010
01.02.10 — It Only Took Me Two Days To Recover, I Think
01.06.10 — I Really Like Being Single
01.09.10 — According to TD, Flight Attendants are Air Mattresses
01.10.10 — Yo Whatup, Jupiter. Welcome to my Life
01.11.10 — Also “emoting”, not to be confused with “emo”
01.12.10 — Trees Produce Sap too, but I’m more Efficacious
01.13.10 — I Put the V in Virtue…
01.14.10 — Spreading the Cognitions, and the Love
01.17.10 — I am Full of Los Questiones (aka Las Preguntas properly) Tonight
01.18.10 — kthx G.I. Joe
01.19.10 — Eat Your Heart Out
01.20.10 — Calm as Hindu Cows, but not On the Inside
01.21.10 — Spread a Little Love, Part Deux
01.25.10 — A Road Not Yet Taken
01.26.10 — I Can Pretend It’s Real
01.28.10 — Do or Do Not
01.29.10 — Thoughts from a Night In


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