Unbelievable News

The world is stretched to the breaking point. The battle between good and evil is ever changing, ever molding to the conforms of the Dark Lord and Dumbledore. And finally someone has fallen.

Today, news reached Slytherin house by way of owl: two of our number have fallen.

“…Adrian Pucey and Marcus Flint, two graduated Hogwarts students, and those in deep devotion to the Dark Lord, were killed this morning by aurors from the Ministry..,” so read the article in the Daily Prophet.

I actually feel a great deal of remorse: I played with both of them on the Slytherin team before the graduated after my third year. But it is a shock that the… well… Dumbledore’s side is winning.

I guess I’m almost lucky in this instance, though it’s hard to tell. One because I have yet to choose my side: I can still go against the Dark Lord; two because it was not me down there fighting aurors.

I don’t ever want to fight aurors.

But I was thinking that it would be an interesting profession. I still have two years before I must choose, but nonetheless…

I just can’t believe the Slytherin reactions. They cried it, they sobbed it, and the bravest among them screamed it through the eerie silence that had settled upon the Great Hall. I was in a state of forced adrenalin shock that left me immoble as I read and re-read the article that lay over my bacon and biscuits (consiquently there is now a big grease spot on the back page of the paper).

I think I still am in shock.

But since we have taken final exams and are simply waiting for our grades to return, what day it is is no longer a concern. I know I have Quidditch this afternoon at two, but that still leaves over two hours to recollect myself.

I’m now glad that I have this muggle device. It plays “CD’s” and since my mother knew this, she sent me several. The latest thing I’ve been playing is “Rubyhorse; Rise.” It’s upbeat and inspiring and makes me want to join the good side, the light side.

If only it were so simple. My father is yes, a deatheater, and Voldemort’s (I can say the name as well as Potter, for I don’t fear it either) left hand one (since Pettigrew is his right hand one), but I don’t fear the Dark Lord. My father knows I have shown no intention of joining the dark side, and the Dark Lord knows too. They have created a society where I am not necessary for survival, but if I join, I am a further asset. I don’t think I want to be an asset to the Dark Lord. I want to challenge him someday.

Well I guess that solves it.


Right and Easy

I guess yesterday’s entry sounded a little abrupt, and quite frankly out of character. Well allow me to expand on it for a few minutes.

I don’t know what side I want to pick, but I do know sure as hell that I do not want to face aurors. That means there is only one side to choose. Dumbledore’s.

And I guess if I hadn’t been even considering it slightly, it wouldn’t have come to mind, but it did, so I was thinking about it. It just seems the easier way to choose, and I know I’ve heard Dumbledore’s endless mantra about choosing between what is right and what is easy, and in this case, Dumbledore’s side fits both qualifications. I guess that’s why I like it. I’m a pretty lazy bugger, so it looks good to me.

Well, I gotta get some sleep, Snape booked us Quidditch practice at 6:30 tomorrow morning (what the hell was he thinking) and as captian and seeker, I probably should be there. Cheerio.


Dorm Cleanup Day

Well, compared to last nights frustrating experience with this new “IBM pentium 4 laptop” (a present from my mother, thinking it would somehow help me be a better linguistic person), today it has performed well above normal standards. And me wishing I could slam it by saying it was slower than Potter’s old Nimbus 2000.

But somethings about muggles are not bad. They created the “Oakley.” Apparently, it’s a, um, let me remember, sunglass, but a rather expensive one (not that the wealth is an issue to a Malfoy). I was forced to special order them, secretly, from Madam Malkins because no where near Hogwarts sells them and I dreadfully needed them, especially for Quidditch.

Potter has sunglasses already because he lives with Muggles, but they are extrememly useful. During matches in the sun now, I can see, and they also help during practice. Since Snape got us practice times just after class gets out at two, the sun is still bright enough to hurt.

But not anymore because I got the best ruddy glasses that they sell.

Well, as far a today goes, it’s been a total drag. Ever since mudblood Princess finally got it through to the idiot house elves that they ‘need rights,’ Dumbledore gives them sundays off. And guess what day sunday is:

Laundry Day.

So Dumbledore installed public washing machines in each of the house commons, and special ones in the prefects bathroom (as I am entitled to these, I refuse to use the filthy Slytherin ones). So I’ve been forced to ‘wash my clothes’ once a week now. Dumbledore (the fan of muggles that he is) says that this is a common muggle chore that we ‘need to learn’ before entering the world where muggles and wizards coexist peacefully. Sure, headmaster, whatever you say.

I swear he’s off his rocker.

Anyway, the problem is that some of my clothing has these tags that say “hand wash cold only.” After another prefect complained that there were no tubs for “hand wash cold only” clothing items, we were given those as well. So I spent the last half hour scrubbing clothing.

The things muggles do for appearance.

And now Dumbledore has taken it a step further. For the last two weeks, every sunday is also “dorm clean-up day” in addition to “laundry day.” I’m beginning to feel like a muggle house-wife from all the cleaning I’ve done.

And you know damn well that Crabbe, Goyle, Zabini and Nott didn’t help much more than a couple of dead carcasses.

Slytherin’s aren’t only dirty, we’re lazy too! Come join us!

I can see it now; not a single first-year will want Slytherin next year, unless they are raised for it. We’re screwed.

Great, I gotta go, Goyle’s complaining about how the bathroom mirror isn’t clean enough. Well yeah, you idiot, when you can’t spit your toothpaste in the sink, it usually goes on the mirror. *Shudder*. Gotta go.

P.S. I feel sorry for the owl who carried this for mail today, it weighs a hell of a lot more than it should for being a “laptop.”


Potter’s Mudblood Princess

These mudblood things will be the end of me. After another heated argument with Potter’s mudblood Princess, I figured I could enlighten you. Of course, magically or non-magically charmed, this machine has a hard-drive of it’s own, and Granger’s and my petty spat was lost into the vast unknown.

As a side note, I think I won.

                The Never-Ending Adventures in the Life of V